Bespoke Psychotherapy

My approach to psychotherapy is one which focuses on flexibility, collaboration, and adaptation to the needs of my client.

I believe (and the current research evidence supports this) that there is no one right way to do therapy. Rather, what causes positive change is a therapeutic relationship which values and honours the uniqueness of the client, and thus adapts itself to the client’s needs and wants at that moment in their life.

As such, my way of working is flexible, and highly bespoke, while also being informed by the current psychotherapeutic evidence base.

In acknowledging the different needs of clients I am trained in multiple modalities and therapeutic techniques. My initial training as a counsellor is in Pluralistic Therapy, which is a collaborative approach that integrates different theories and skills guided by the goals of the client.

I am currently writing up my doctoral research as part of the final segment of a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. This is a three year long intensive programme which has further enhanced my clinical experience and skill. Specifically, it has trained me in-depth in humanistic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, as well as CBT (including third wave approaches).

When I meet a new client I will draw from all of the above in making an informed and joint decision on how we can best work together to help you address the changes you wish to achieve.

Areas of speciality and special interest:

Trauma, depression, interpersonal difficulties, and existential concerns (particularly concerning meaning and purpose in life).

I also work with issues to do with kink/BDSM, and alternative/non-traditional relationship styles, and I am dedicated to practicing in a non-judgmental and intersectional manner, regardless of ethnicity, culture, disability, gender or sexuality.

I am a native Swedish speaker and can thus work with clients in Swedish/Norwegian/Danish if this is your preference.

I am also experienced in working with expat clients and issues concerning cultural differences and nomadic living.

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